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Pisces New Wave II-Lite Triple Wrap Package- B

This Package includes the following: 

Price: $749.00

Product Code: Pisces_New_Wave_II_Lite_Package_B
Manufacturer: Pisces Pro

Face Rest Option:


Side Arm Extension UL:

Ultra-Leather Colors:



This Package includes the following:
  • The Massage Table
  • Double Tilt Adjustable Head Rest
  • Deluxe Carrying Case ( Black Carrying Case From A H P)

  • Standard Configurations (29" width)
    Web Top Triple Wrap Ultra Leather 20 1/2 lbs.
    Length: 73"
    Width: 29" or 31"
    Height Range: 24" to 33"
    Maximum Static Weight: 2,000 lbs
    Maximum Working Load: 500 lbs
    Choose 29" or 31" width (31" increases weight approx. 1lbs.)
    Face Rests
    (Choose contoured foam or inflatable cushion)

    New Wave II LITE TM

    One of the lightest full size massage tables available, the New Wave II - Lite™ was designed to make your job easier. Equipped with our Woven Web Top™ (a standard feature), the New Wave II - Lite weighs in at a remarkable 20 1/2 lbs and has great new features.

    It comes with our original, industrial strength Tubular Frame, all eight corners rounded for comfort and beauty and permanently attached (welded) hinges and diagonal brace brackets. Nylon washers and bushings at all joints provide friction free and absolute quiet operation.

    Also included at no extra charge: Only 20 1/2 lbs.
    • Knee Through End Brace for Reiki, Cranial Sacral, etc.
    • U-Hook Upholstery System™ - change color or replace worn fabric easily at home
    • Versa-Cable System™ - Allows you to lay your table flat on the floor for Shiatsu etc., without disconnecting cables


    The first, and to our knowledge, the only Aluminum Tubular Frame, has many advantages over wood frames:

    • Industrial Strength
    • Longer life
    • One, continuous piece of tubing without corner joints
    • Permanently welded where the two ends meet
    • All corners rounded (eight corners per table)
    • Not subject to the affects of moisture, as is wood
    • No cracking, splitting or vulnerable corner joints
    Hinges are permanently welded to the frame for strength and lifetime security. There are no piano hinges with screws to loosen or come out over time. Diagonal brackets integrated into the hinges are also permanently welded to the frame for strength and lifetime security.
    All metal parts are protected with nylon bushings or washers. This provides a friction free operation, extended wear and absolute quietness.
    Polywebbing top is strong but light weight with minimal flexion. Though this resembles lawn furniture, we use a much heavier and stronger webbing. Our special web attachment hardware spreads the stress over a wide area of the webbing, assuring years of continuous use.
    All our models come with our original Versa-Cable System (Pat. Pend.). With this system, our tables are not only stronger, but lay flat on the floor for Shiatsu etc., without the hassle and risk of disconnecting and reconnecting cables.
    VI. VELCRO LATCHOpen and close your table easily and quickly. In the absence of external hardware, your table is left with a clean and streamlined appearance.
    VII. U-HOOK UPHOLSTER SYSTEM™ Your table will last forever, but the foam and fabric won't. With our innovative upholstery sytem, you can change the color of your table or replace worn fabric easily in your own home....
    ...There are no staples to remove and reinstall. The fabric is merely pulled around frame and hooked into velcro fastening strips.

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