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Pro Massager
The Pro-Massager Enjoy a superb massage
after spo
Price: $199.00

Product Code: Pro_Massager
Manufacturer: usj


The Pro-Massager Enjoy a superb massage after sports or experiance relief from tiredness after work, you can also use it as a therapeutic aid to ease soreness.Works on your thighs, neck, shoulders, arms, upper and lower back and the soles of your feet.
Pro-Massager is a commercial model sold to Doctors, Massage Therapists and Chiropractors. Heavy duty, yet well balanced and comes with three attachments.
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Specifications :
Dimensions: 12W, 11H, 6D inches
Weight: 10 lbs.
Warranty: Life Time Parts, 1 Year Labor

  • Shiatsu Knobs

    You can enjoy finger pressure therapy called Shiatsu by using the large Shiatsu Knobs. They are recommended for maximum effect but they can be detached and replaced.

  • Consistent Effect
    A concentric motion of the powerful motor gives comfortable, and consistent stimulation.
  • Massage Intensity
    Massage speed is freely controlled by the Speed Dial. You can also vary the intensity by applying harder or softer pressure.
  • Large Pad
    An anatomically designed large Pad fits your body contour for effective, all over massage.
  • Round Handle
    Designed to be securely held, the Handle provides great massage benefits, especially when someone helps apply the unit. Stability is assured for using the unit upside down on the floor.
  • Quality
    Constructed sturdily. Care has been taken to ensure excellent performance through quality workmanship.

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