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Fitball Exercise Balls
 This heavy duty ball material is burst resistant,
Price: $22.00

Product Code: FEB65
Manufacturer: BT

Fitball Colors:


This heavy duty ball material is burst resistant, resists punctures or tears and is weight rated to 660 lbs. An exercise ball is also called a fitness ball, stability ball, swiss ball, yoga ball, birthing ball, Pilates ball or balance ball. The Fitball Great Start Package includes a Fitball, our double-action hand pump and Adam Ford's video Swiss Ball Basics. Ball color options: Red, Purple, Blue, Yellow, Black or Perl.

Exercising on an inflatable ball has become very popular over the past few years since it offers such a wide array of exercise possibilities. The Fitball Gymnic Plus exercise ball is used in aerobic, strength, rehabilitation, birthing and sports specific training programs. It is also used in schools, businesses and home offices for seating. Work longer with less fatigue sitting on a Fitball exercise ball instead of a chair. The ball causes "active sitting" whereby the abdominal and back muscles are constantly working to create a natural, erect posture. For children, sitting on a ball releases excess energy and may improve concentration. Break the monotony and fatigue of poor, passive sitting with a Fitball exercise ball. Usually, 65 cm- 75cm is recommended for seating to achieve the correct seating height and ergonomics in relation to standard desk and table heights (29"-30"). Thighs should be parallel to the floor or at a slightly higher angle.

The Fitball exercise ball is one of the most effective core conditioning training tools for strengthing ab and back muscles.

Fitball exercise balls are internationally approved and thoroughly tested
  • TUV tested for gymnastics and long-term sitting at workstations
  • CE compliant (Conformité Européenne) for medical devices
  • Materials do not cause allergies
  • Latex free
  • Formaldehyde free

    The Fitball material remains soft and forgiving at the correct inflation diameter. The ball will also hold it's round shape over time and not become egg shaped. Can't decide which home gym to purchase? Then why not launch your program with a small investment in a ball. It's a complete gym in a portable, inflatable spheroid. Include with each ball is a complimentary poster illustrating ball exercises. See our complete line of exercise ball instructional videos for additional workouts and exercises.

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