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Earthlite Jumbo 3 Quarter Round Bolster Earthlite Jumbo 3 Quarter Round Bolster

 Jumbo 3 Quarter Round Bolster9 inches x 26 inches.Jumbo 3 Quarter Bolsters are flat on one side and when placed under the knees, ankles or...
Ergo Pro II Portable Massage Chair Package Ergo Pro II Portable Massage Chair Package

Product DescriptionThe Ergo Pro II chair is the only chair on the market co-designed along with David Palmer, the Father of Contemporary Chair...
Eye Cover - MADE IN USA Eye Cover - MADE IN USA

Lavender Eye Cover  Made In USA Nature Creation's lavender eye cover works to provide an uplifting and soothing eye pack to reduce puffy eyes...
Face Pad Face Pad

Replace your current  Face Rest Pad. Also great as a cervical pillow.
Finger Rollers Finger Rollers

Finger Rollers  only $...
Fitted Flannel Sheet with Face Hole. Made In USA Fitted Flannel Sheet with Face Hole. Made In USA

The fitted flannel sheet with face hole is 100% 4.5 oz. Soft preshrunk cotton. An exceptional thread count. Each face hole has a panel...
Healing Stone 2 Massage DVD Healing Stone 2 Massage DVD

Take your stone massage to the next level with these unique advanced treatments not shown anywhere else! This DVD features five routines that...
Healing Stone Massage DVD Healing Stone Massage DVD

This DVD will show you everything you need to know to begin your hot stone massage practice. You will learn about the various types of stones,...
Hot Stones  64 pcs-Polished Hot Stones 64 pcs-Polished

Deluxe 64Pcs Massage Stone Set ( shown in Photo) Specifications: - 2 X-Large Flat Ovular Basalt Stones (1 for haunch 1 for stomach) - 14 Large...
HOT STONES- 45 PCS Polished HOT STONES- 45 PCS Polished

45Pcs Massage Stone Set Specifications: - 1 X-large flat ovular basalt (1 for stomach) - 10 Large flat ovular basalt (4 for backside, 4...
Integrative Massage- Earth Integrative Massage- Earth

The Earth Massage is a deep, muscular massage designed to release tension, loosen muscles and free restrictions. This DVD integrates Side Posture,...
Integrative Massage- Fire Integrative Massage- Fire

The Fire Massage is a rejuvenating and revitalizing massage designed to loosen blocks, relieve stress and energize the body. This DVD integrates...
Integrative Massage- Spirit Integrative Massage- Spirit

The Spirit Massage is a gentle stress relieving massage designed to quiet the mind and get the client in touch with their deeper rhythms. This DVD...
Jar Holster MADE IN USA Jar Holster MADE IN USA

Tired of always reaching for your oils or lotion bottles? No more fumbling or spilling. Each holster has a belt hat adjust up to 40" with an...
Large Oil/Lotion/Gel Pump Large Oil/Lotion/Gel Pump

This pump is designed for a half gallon or a full gallon of oil, lotion, or gel! Enjoy easy dispensing of your favorite oils, and lotions.

Our relaxing blend is infused with pure St. John's Wort and calming essential oil of Lavender, offering a fragrant tension tamer from a stressful...
Lymphatic Drainage Massage DVD Lymphatic Drainage Massage DVD

This beautiful 90 minute DVD will guide you through the anatomy of the lymphatic system, the location of nodes and drainage patterns, as well as...
Massage for Fibromyalgia Massage for Fibromyalgia

This DVD describes the symptoms and experiences of Fibromyalgia sufferers, and shows how to use bodywork and various supplements to address the most...
Mastering Pregnancy Massage Mastering Pregnancy Massage

Filled with hundreds of techniques, this detailed, 3+ hour program will help you become a skilled pregnancy massage practitioner. Clearly filmed and...
Mint Pillow Mint Pillow

This wonderful aromatic Mint Pillow promotes relaxation and relieves tension and stress. Simply lie down and place the pillow by your nose and...
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